Celebrate Small Business Month With Amazing Entrepreneurs

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless. There’s a way to do it better – find it.”

Thomas Edison

Imagine if we were still travelling on horseback – or sending smoke signals or Morse code to communicate!!

Small Business Month – May

Henry Ford started his career as a farm worker, before leaving to form his engineering business that transformed farms by making tractors. Thomas Edison had to borrow a dollar to get a meal before showing his amazing talent to make inventions, such as the light bulb, the music recording system and the electric copy machine. If it were not for the enterprising spirit of some of the world’s most Amazing Entrepreneurs, some of the best ideas and inventions in the world may never have been developed.

In May, we celebrate the extraordinary efforts of all of those operating small businesses. Their courage, commitment and hard work make such a difference in their communities. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal US agency that dedicates itself to supporting small business owners to follow the American dream. During May, we take the time to show them our appreciation and spread awareness to help them grow.

Converting Ideas Into Business

Were it not for those who took action to develop or support a big idea, we may still be sitting by candlelight, writing with a quill, and hand-stitching our garments. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs started out as small business operators.

And who knows – small business can become very big business with the right entrepreneurial flair!  Such was the case for many of the Amazing Entrepreneurs featured in this inspirational title. Were these people who developed successful businesses lucky, or did they have special talents?

Of course, many of us come up with good ideas. Sometimes, we work on them and develop an invention. We may feel that people should not only take an interest but also buy our product. However, the reality is that only a few people successfully convert ideas into businesses that earn a lot of money.

What Motivated Entrepreneurs To Succeed?

In ‘Amazing Entrepreneurs’ you can explore these questions through the lives of some of the world’s most inspirational people and be motivated to do likewise! Helena Rubinstein was lucky to find a sponsor for her skincare business, but her vision and tenacity ensured her success. Ray Kroc’s entrepreneurial talents enabled him to grow McDonald’s from a local burger joint into an international phenomenon.

In this title, the great life stories and achievements of characters including Madam C.J. Walker, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Beulah Henry and William Boeing come alive. We can begin to understand what motivated each of these individuals and gain a fascinating insight into their lives.

The Psychological Factors That Spur Entrepreneurs

The Amazing Entrepreneurs title can greatly help anyone who wishes to improve their understanding of how entrepreneurs developed their organizations. Each story forms the basis for discussion, debate and action on the principles for which people stood. Therefore, one can assess the psychological factors that spurred people in their achievements and look at the moral judgements they made on what was fair and reasonable. Many business people were harsh in their decision making, yet had big hearts when it came to giving money to charities. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and gain inspiration for your own career and work.

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